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Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

Cleanify is a professional cleaning company that offers so much more than a clean space. We take a holistic approach to cleaning to help clients, communities, and cleaners feel happier, healthier, and safer. By investing in our cleaners, utilizing the latest technology, and delivering impeccable customer service, we are changing the cleaning industry – one house at a time!

Cleanify is so much more than a cleaning company. We are made up of community members, friends, and family. Every day, we do our best to serve the communities where we live and work, making Hamilton, Ontario a great place to call home. We also recognise that we could not do what we do without our incredible clients and outstanding staff. While professional house cleaning is what we do, We offers so much more.

We are committed to creating and maintaining clean spaces and healthy living environments. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind and reliable support for every client. We are enthusiastic about constantly improving and finding new ways to serve our communities.

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